Beth Stone

Arizona State University
Dept of Geology
Tempe, AZ 85287-1404

Email: emstone@asu.edu
Phone: (480) 965-4053 *Note new area code*

I am a master's student at Arizona State University, advised by Dr. J Ramon Arrowsmith and focusing on paleoseismology along the Cholame segment of the San Andreas Fault (just southeast of Parkfield, CA and northwest of the Carrizo Plain). I spent most of last spring working in a paleoseismic trench at the LY4 site. See the link to my submitted Fall 1999 AGU Abstract for a summary of the results. This project is also a collaboration with Dr. Lisa Grant at UC Irvine.

Here are some research links:

Fall 1998 AGU Poster
Trenching schedule
Submitted Fall 1999 AGU Abstract

A link which expands a bit on the modeling in my Fall 1998 AGU poster:

Fault strength modeling