IBW Discharge Analysis Matlab code

Visualize discharge record

Code for processing: processMCFDQ.m
This code takes the output from the FCDMC Single Sensor Data Display Form:
(after you remove the header information).
It produces 4 different plots of the discharge versus time.

Choose a single flood event and calculate the volume of the flow in that range

findrange.m. This function lets you choose the data within the specified time range. It outputs the dates-times and corresponding discharges for getvolumesimple.m.
Call it with:
[times qs]=findrange('mkel.txt','4/14/03 22:00:00', '4/16/2003 12:00:00',0);
The last arguement is the mode: Mode of 0 shows the date as mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss, mode of 6 is mm/dd, mode of 13 is hh:mm:ss.
getvolumesimple.m. This function takes the output from findrange.m and interpolates it over the specified interval (last argument) and numerically integrates over that interpolation to determine the volume of the discharge over that time range. The red dots show the interpolated values, and the blue polygon is the integrated area in the resulting plot. It reports the volume in cubic feet and the time range.
Call it with:
getvolumesimple(times, qs, 0.01)
An interval of 0.01 is about 14.4 minutes.
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Ramón Arrowsmith
Last modified May 28, 2003.