Flythrus of Central Asian DEMS and imagery

These movies were generated by George Hilley on the ASU Visualization Laboratory SGI Octane (vissys5) using ERDAS Imagine Virtual GIS (supported by ASU VPR and NSF).

Central Asia DEM

This flight is on top of GTOPO30 1 km dems and goes south from the Kazakh Platform across the Tien Shan, curves along the eastern Ferghana, crosses the southern Tien Shan and the Alai Valley just east of Pik Lenin, and then south across the Pamirs and Hindu Kush to Pakistan.

Flight Path (click for larger view:
Download 15 mb mpeg video:

Alai Valley CORONA photography and DEM

This flight is over the Alai Valley in southernmost Kyrgyzstan in the area between the Tien Shan and the Pamir. We have much ongoing research in this area. The movie is of CORONA photography (carefully rectified by Stephen Holloway) draped on GTOPO30 1 km DEM. The flight starts in the westernmost Alai Valley in Tadjikistan and flies along the valley to the east, allowing us to examine the Trans Alai rangefront (where we have conducted much research in the last few years). The flight turns and comes back along the Kyzilsu River in the northern portion of the Alai Valley.

Flight Path (click for larger view:
Download 31 mb mpeg video:

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