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Komansu Trench logs from 1999 field work

Photos from summer 99 field work


Proposal for Pamir summer 99 trip Welcome to the NSF proposal for continued work in the Pamir. Summer 96 and summer 99 was spent in the field. There are two main links: the first to the Project Plans page and the second to the Project Summary page. The project summary is a much shorter version of the goals report. Click below to be sent to either one.

Project description

  • Regional tectonic setting
  • Review of summer 1996 observations in Alai region
  • Project Plan
  • Interpretation of remotely sensed imagery
  • Field observations-geologic and geomorphic mapping
  • Field observations-paleoseismic trenching
  • Morphologic dating
  • Three dimensional mechanical models of faulting
  • Project management
  • Logistics
  • Preservation of dateable material
  • Regional scale tectonics problems addressed by this research
  • Accommodation of India-Eurasia relative motion
  • Annihilation of an intermontane basin by collision tectonics
  • Recent construction of large mountain ranges in the Pamir-Tien Shan
  • Project summary

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