Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America

Electronic supplement: Paleoseismic and post-seismic observations of surface slip along the Parkfield segment of the San Andreas Fault

N.A. Toké, J R. Arrowsmith, J.J. Young, and C.J. Crosby

Supplemental Unit Descriptions, Unanalyzed Radiocarbon Samples,
and Trench Logs and Photos

Supplemental Tables

Table 1. Stratigraphic unit descriptions for Miller Sag Trench (MST)
Table 2. Stratigraphic unit descriptions for Phoebe's Trench (PT)
Table 3. Unanalyzed, potential radiocarbon samples

Supplemental Figure

download a pdf of the MST trench logs and photos of the MST fault zones. It is suggested that you right click and save as because the file is >4mb and may slow your browser.
Figure 1.
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