Application of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to the Carrizo Plain Area, California

The Carrizo tectonogeomorphology group has developed a Geographic Information System to archive, analyze and display spacial data gathered in the study. The data set includes (or is scheduled to include in the future) geologic data, structural data, elevation data, and field notes. In addition, the database includes SPOT satellite, aerial and handheld ground and aerial oblique photograph overlays and images, isometric views of the structure and geology of the area, shaded relief maps of the area with superimposed structure, and Boundary Element Model (BEM) stress/ displacement fields from the mechanical model warped into real world coordinates. A GIS package including the entire database is intended to be shipped upon request via a Carrizo CD-ROM.

Below are a list of topics associated with the GIS component of the project. The topics are divided into two sections: a GIS Explanation/ Demonstration section and a Technical Information section. The Technical Information section explains GIS file formats and gives ordering information, while the GIS Explanation/ Demonstration section gives an online demonstration of GIS techniques and capabilities. If you have any questions, or would like more information about the GIS component of the project, please send email to the address.

GIS Explanation/ Demonstration

What is a Geographic Information System?
The Carrizo Geographic Information System

Technical Information

Developed Tools and Datasets
About the Data Set
How to Order the Data Set

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