New item (May 2002)

Carrizo Plain NP Dedication and Mecca Hills Field trip, 4_2002

New item (March 2002)

Parkfield-Cholame-Carrizo overflight selected photos Thumbnails, 10" jpgs, and 6 mb tif files

New item (September 2001)

Earthscope abstract for south-central San Andreas fault as natural laboratory PDF file.

New items (February 23, 2001)

New Dragon's back images

New items (April 2000)

Movies flying along the Dragon's Back

Check this out:

Northern Elkhorn Hills Paper

We are trying to finish a version of Chapter 4 of Arrowsmith's dissertation that focuses on the tectonics of the Elkhorn Hills.
Here are some tidbits from that that might be useful sometime:

The Revised figure of Clarence Allen

Download Adobe Illustrator file
Caption: Areas of contrasting behavior along the San Andreas Fault (from Allen, 1968?).