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Kite Photography Page

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Research involving the kites
The kite system specs
Balloon photography



   You can see some very nice images of the Landers earthquake scarp at this link:
   You can also view kite photographs from the Altyn Tagh Fault Area in Asia at
   Check out kite photography on the Cholame segment of the San Andreas Fault at
   Go to to see kite photography at Camel trench, one of the 2000 Altyn Tagh Fault field sites.
   Look at balloon photography of the brush fire scars east of Carefree, AZ at


Our kite system:

   We are still developing the system.



   SCIENCE NEWS article on kites
   Great Plains Kite Aerial Photography at Emporia State University (Prof. James Abers)
   Go to to view some information on kite photography during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
   Here is a digital camera link from Professor D. M. Burt:
   Here are some other good links for Kite Photography:

Aerial Kite Photography E-Resources, with an article on L-angled small systems.
Digital Encyclopedia of Kite Aerial Photography
Kite Photography from Charles C. Benton, of Berkeley CA
Flight Images from North Dakota
Stennis Space Center Office of Education
Into the Wind: A good place to buy kites.
   Here are some pictures of the kite system: