Ideas for studying the interaction of natural and urban processes and

some old Greater Phoenix 2100 links

Greater Phoenix 2100 local documents

Powerpoint presentation by Jon Fink
Greater Phoenix 2100-like Projects

NSF Information Technology Preproposal--ITR/IM: Tracking the untrackable: Using information technology to chronicle the skyrocketing urban growth of Greater Phoenix, Arizona from 1900 to 2100

Proposal pages

preproposal version 1 (11/19/00)

--WEB version--formatting not great, but some useful ideas and images and links

Preproposal FINAL submitted version (11/27/00)

Preproposal complete PDF file
Preproposal project description (5 pages) MS WORD file

Software and data--came from Jana Fry and Jim Howard and John Mitchell

Here is the main OpenFlight site, and a few others related or that use/create OpenFlight data or simulations:
Open Flight
Introduction to OpenFlight APIs
Urban Simulation: An Innovative Tool for Interactive Planning and Consensus Building

SGI OpenPerformer (works with/uses OpenFlight)
SGI Performer software

OpenFlight generators
Terrex, Terrain Experts

Some sample OpenFlight databases:

Image Society, Tempe based national organization with emphasis on 3D/Simulation and related resources and yearly national conference on Phoenix:

Networked immersive environments and interactive dance/body motion

Decision Theater

NY Times article on SGi and Disney design decisions
UCLA Visualization Portal--extensive hardware and software and an immersive environment
Evans and Sutherland and ESRI
Silicon Graphics Visualization systems
Full immersion synthetic environment (i.e., C2 or C6 at the Virtual Reality Application Center, at Iowa State University)

Information from Mechdyne Corporation

Choosing a screen configuration to suit the application

The Leading Edge, May 2000, Vol 19, No. 5 pgs 526-532, ARCO and
immersive environments, Part 1:  The first two generations, Stark, Dorn
& Cole.

The Leading Edge, August 2000, Vol 19, No. 8 pgs 884-890, ARCO and
immersive environments, Part 2:  Oil industry experience with immersive
environments, Stark, Dorn & Cole.

Potentially useful images and montages--click for larger size

Landsat images from Steve Wood (

Landsat 753

View west from
S. Tempe over
S. Mtns

View north over
Papago Park



Land use

Realtime links

AZ Freeway

SRP Watersheds
Cty Flood
Control District

EPA Ozone

Maricopa Association of Governments data (

Population (2020)
and Change (1995-


More income


Other information and links

ASU links

Office of Vice Provost for Research
Center for Environmental Studies
Department of Geological SciencesCentral Arizona Phoenix Long Term Ecological Project
Information Technology
Research support lab--GIS services
Morrison Institute for Public Policy
College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Other links

CommunityViz - Community Planning and Simulation Software from the Orton Family Foundation
San Francisco Bay Estuary Institute and the EcoAtlas
Geoinformatics Initiative (
Arizona Geographic Alliance
USC Sustainable Cities
Industrial/Research partnerships

ASTER IMAGE of Phoenix ( from ASU geological remote sensing laboratory (

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