Advanced Field Geology Mapping at the Sinks, 2003: writeup instructions

By 5 pm on May 8, please turn in to Ramon the following:
1) Your neatly drafted geologic map. You can find clean basemaps in our lab in PSF475 on the drafting table or download a tiff from here: sinks.tif (30 Mb)
2) A sketch of your idealized sequence of sink development, both in map and cross-section views.
3) A narrative of no more than 5 pages addressing these questions (provide an introduction and a brief statement of methods):

Additional information:
The Permian salt is/was about 100 m thick and its top is <300 m below the surface in the area where we mapped (Rauzi and Fellows, 2003, Holbrook Basin: Correlation and resources, Arizona Geology, v. 33, no. 2, p. 3-5, 2003).
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May 1, 2003